Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cardiff Art

Partially Buried, James Rielly

I Feel Like I'm Living in A Box, James Rielly

Of all the artists on exhibit, James Rielly is my favorite. I love big, simple compositions."Partially Buried" takes up an entire wall. It's perfect.

Mutual Congratulations, John Banting 1937

Banting's "Mutual Congratulations" is apparently a class comment. He often represents the upper classes as talking skulls. Mmmyes.

Study For Self-Portrait, Francis Bacon 1963

"Study For Self Portrait" is postmodern poetry: We experience war, and suddenly we can't recognize our own faces.

An all-inclusive self-portrait is, in most cases, impossible. The artist has too many Selves: Past, present, future, and then all the Selves he imagines he could be if only he studied harder, took the 9:05 train instead of the 9:16. His what if Selves.

Picasso had the right idea, but he didn't go far enough. We're rotating cubes. Even in 4-dimensions, it's impossible to catch ourselves at a glance. We'd need eyeballs in all spaces at all times.

When I attempt a self-portrait, I resign myself to one awkward, sick Self. I invest significant energy in trying to be a graceful and well-adjusted person. I reserve the right to be a demonic chimera in portraits.

Dear Cardiff: I think you're one fine cup of coffee.

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